Storm clouds implementation on Thessaloniki

Since the promotional event of Storm Clouds “Thessaloniki’s entrepreneurship on the clouds” there seems to be an up growing interest on the Virtual Shopping Centre. The number of the shops advertised through the platform is increasing as so does the interest on the application altogether.

At the moment the application numbers almost 500 registrations of shops/ businesses that are situated in the centre of the city, although it should be noted that by the end of the year they will reach 600.

On the drawbacks side of the implementation it should be mentioned the fact that although more and more shop owners want to get informed on the application’s functions and want to be included and advertised through it, at the same time they seem quite reluctant to engage themselves with their account.

The application offers a wide range of possibility to the user, such as uploading text and images of their businesses, details on their products/services provided, as well as advertising special offers. Most of Thessaloniki’s shop owners that are included in the Virtual Shopping Centre do not upload further information on their businesses and settle for the minimum amount of data required for their registration on the application.

However it is expected that once the number of the enterprises included in the Virtual Shopping Centre is adequate a subsequent rise in the awareness of the public is anticipated along with a more elaborate engagement on the shop owners side.

As far as the City Branding is concerned the Urenio Unit of the Aristotle’s University of Thessaloniki, which is responsible for the technical development of the programme, is currently working on the application, supplying it with the necessary data, and then the Unit will proceed with its launching.

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