Valladolid Preparations for Local Workshop

Full of Christmas spirit during these weeks, the Municipality of Valladolid is working on the organization of a STORM Clouds project dissemination event that will be held on January 20th in “Agencia de Innovación y Desarrollo Económico de Valladolid” premises.

This event is aimed to show the project results so far obtained to local communities and companies, living lab users, entrepreneurs and civil society representatives, apart from elected officials from nearby municipalities.

In particular, during the local workshop, there will be given a broad vision about project scope and the benefits of cloud computing for municipalities, explaining in detail the portfolio of cloudified applications that are already available for use in any municipality.

Another aspect that will be addressed in the event is the technological approach followed by the project consortium to easily deploy all the applications selected in previous phases.

The Municipality of Valladolid has deployed two applications in the STORM Clouds Platform: “Urbanismo en Red” and “Vive Valladolid”.

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