A step forward for the Storm Clouds project

Thessaloniki’s Virtual Shopping Centre currently numbers over 600 registrations of retailers while the applications of Crowdfunding and City Branding are ready but still lacking some technicalities in order to be fully functional.

In the meantime the implementation of the Storm Clouds project is about to complete the two thirds of its duration, until its expiration date on February 2017, and as it is entering its last 12 months, it requires of all the partners involved to espouse an open minded scope and envisage the day after the completion of the project, as a legacy given to public authorities and a chance to take full advantage of edge ICT applications.

The Storm Clouds program is now entering a phase that the interoperability of the applications should be tested. The municipality of Thessaloniki and the Urenio Unit of the Aristotle’s University are focusing on the transferring and deployment of applications that have been created and already implemented in other European cities that are taking part in the project.

Aim of this attempt is the testing, in practice, of how feasible or ‘easy’ is for other European cities in the future to adopt these applications. This way the participant cities of the Storm Clouds will have the opportunity not only to experiment on the new applications that have been produced by others, but also benefit themselves of their use.

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