The economy of cloud: How cloud helps governments drive economic vitality

Central and local governments worldwide are adapting to powerful demographic, environmental and fiscal trends. Today’s nations, regions and cities must compete to attract new residents, businesses and visitors by offering a high quality of life, efficient services and a vibrant economic climate. And they struggle to do this in an environment characterized by change, risk and the need for rapid decision making. In particular, governments are grappling with the effects of three global shifts: urbanization, aging populations and an evolving world economy.

By moving key IT systems to the cloud, governments can gain benefits that extend far beyond the IT realm. In fact, cloud can assist agencies in driving economic vitality for their regions by helping control IT costs, improving citizen services and sparking operational and business model transformations.

IBM’s report “The economy of cloud: How cloud helps governments drive economic vitality” explains how all new challenges affect government agencies that are tasked with providing more services with fewer resources. As they struggle to do more with less, many are turning to technology solutions, including cloud.

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