Cloud-based smart services for cities: the Cisco Smart+Connected Digital Platform

The Cisco Smart+Connected™ Digital Platform helps cities benefit from the Internet of Things. Through the cloud service, data is securely collected from 3rd party sensors, street cameras, devices, and other connected systems and objects.

The insights from collected real-time data helps city departments and agencies to make decisions to improve operational efficiencies, increase revenue, and reduce costs in areas such as street lighting, parking, traffic flow, environmental sensing, waste management, safety and security, and other city services.

City departments and agencies can benefit from the securely shared data, breaking down government silos, which have previously prevented city leaders from making fully informed decisions.

The platform integrates data in a secure manner, so it can be shared and workers can make decisions faster and more efficiently. For instance, traffic agency staff can use 3rd party applications and an open API from the Smart+Connected Digital Platform that provide information to see data collected both in and outside their agency.

For example, in addition to seeing data collected from street cameras, traffic agency staff could access environmental sensor data collected by a different department. Using these multiple data sets, workers could find ways to reduce pollution and traffic congestion while also improving incident response time. City officials can also choose to make specific data available to city residents, visitors and businesses.

Cisco has showcased this technology at the Smart City Expo World Congress 2016 that took place in Barcelona, Spain, in November 2016. During the Expo, Cisco announced that 10 cities are using its cloud-based service to connect to traffic, parking and environmental sensors in real time. They are Paris, France; Copenhagen, Denmark; Kansas City, Mo.; Schenectady, N.Y.; Adelaide, Australia; Bucharest, Hungary; Dubrovnik, Croatia; Bangalore, India; Jaipur, India and Trencin, Slovakia. One more city was recently added to the list, Chalkida City, Greece

Insights from the data collected from the Internet of Things sensors can help city agencies make operations more efficient, reduce costs and respond quicker to emergencies, Cisco said. Using the platform, it can securely connect data from all the operations in a city, including water management, traffic, parking, lighting, neighborhood security and more.

In certain cities, some of the data will be shared with citizens and businesses. For example, retailers could see heat maps that show where the heaviest foot traffic is located near stores. Such data would be anonymous to protect users’ privacy. In the case of data from video sensors, faces will be blurred out, Cisco said.


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