Pilot Cities’ Workshops: City of Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki City Hall

City of Thessaloniki, Greece organises its STORM CLOUDs workshop concerning the migration of city’s public services to the Cloud. The workshop will be held on March 9, 2017 at the New City Hall, Room “Manolis Anagnostakis”,  1 V.Georgiou A’ Avenue, according to the following agenda:

Development of Cloud-based services for Smart Cities

09:30 – 10:00     Registrations / Coffee

10:00 – 10:15      Introduction to workshop / welcome
                                      Vice Mayor of Development, City of Thessaloniki

10:15 – 10:35      Spatial and strategic aspects for Smart Cities Development
                                       Margarita Angelidou, URENIO Research

10:35 – 10:55      Strategy of Thessaloniki City for development of Smart City Services
                                       Lina Liakou, Vice Mayor of Urban Resilience and Development Programs, City of Thessaloniki

10:55 – 11:15     The STORM CLOUDS Project
                                      Panagiotis Tsarchopoulos, URENIO Research

11:15 – 12:45     Crowdfunding – Making the ideas actions with the strength of crowd
Presentation of the Cloudfunding digital platform
                                     Niki Vouimta, Feast Greece
                                     Panagiotis Tsarchopoulos, URENIO Research      

12:45 – 13:30   Workshop / Conclusions


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