The Águeda Scenario

In the case of Águeda, the local authorities started their activities with the selection of stakeholders and applications. The strong commitment shown by the City Major on technological updating in all aspects of the city was remarkable and extremely helpful during the whole process. This feature constituted a key parameter, due to the fact that it facilitated removal of a number of obstacles encountered in various cases, while at the same time it resulted in a diversified synthesis of municipality participants in the project.

Stakeholders’ involvement
Moreover, in the case of Águeda there were four main stakeholders’ selection criteria. Using these criteria, the stakeholders were selected according not only to the degree to which their decision affected cloudification process, referring mostly to policy makers and politicians, but also to the degree to which their everyday life was affected by this change, i.e. technical staff, accounting, procurement processes personnel. Three groups of stakeholders were defined, including a group of people working for the municipality, a group of people collaborating with the municipality and a final group of people being external to municipality authorities.

The group of stakeholders discuss about a set of eligible applications to be cloudified:

  • Lime Survey
  • Public participation about SIG – PPSIG
  • Hot Spot
  • Web GIS

Selected cloud-based services: Eu Participo
In general, the selection process was based on meetings and online questionnaires. Given all the available services, those selected for Águeda were Public Participation Geographic Information System – PPGIS and Location Plants. Moreover, a very useful remark made by the citizens, was the fact that the name was not particularly user-friendly, thus a new name was selected for the application, Eu Participo (=I participate).


This Web GIS app allows any citizen to express their opinion on a theme under discussion. Each participation is related with some geographic feature (street, path, building, garden, furniture, etc). Users can upload photographs relevant for the discussion. This application has an administrative interface to manage themes under discussion. Privileged users (either from local administration or community members) can add new themes for discussion.

The application is available online: